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Alex Duffus
Managing Director
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Direct: +44 20 7193 2910
Mobile: +44 777 156 8683
Current or Prospective Clients

Please do not hesitate to contact us, in strictest confidence, to learn more about our services or to discuss any requirements.


While Ariadne Search is dedicated to servicing its clients, we are always happy to advise individuals on various elements of their career.  All discussions will be confidential.

In our commitment to comply with GDPR, we require that all individuals give their consent for us to store personal data.  You can do this by joining the members area of this site.  Alternatively, you can email your consent.

Individual T&C


By becoming a member on this website, you are authorising Ariadne Search to store personal information about you.  This encapsulates not only the basic information supplied at signing-up but also additional information which you communicate to Ariadne in any subsequent interactions.  As per GDPR guidelines, you have the right to opt out at a later date.  If you wish to do this, please contact us and we shall remove the information from our systems.

All information will be retained in utmost confidence.

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